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Moving Around Father’s Day

moving around father day 1

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Moving Around Father Day


...father's day moving.

At 1+MOVERS, we find ourselves moving around Father’s Day to be an honor.

One of the most moving celebrations of the year. All those grown, bearded men crying like babies because they feel the intense, all-curing love that comes from the love of their family. Definitely gets them moving around Classic!

Its a super awesome day to be able to celebrate dad and let him know how much we love him and how great he has been. We have a chance to tell them we are thankful to have them in our lives. We feel so proud and blessed that this person cared so much about us.

To be a father…..aaaahhhh. TO BE! ….a father…..hmmm. Its suppose to be easy. Its suppose to come naturally. And it does! Right gentlemen? All those sleepless nights, moving around in bed. Worried about the presidential election affecting you business profit; down the line messing with you long-term/high yielding investment goals. Natural as hay, I’d say.

So, what is so great about father’s day?! I think one of the best things about father’s day is the shopping and gifting and watching dad smile as he opens up that gift. This year is exploding with new and awesome technology. Phones, watches, health and wellness, clothes, accessories, just a bunch of stuff.

Yes, let’s not forget to mention the new software developments around us. Virtual reality, curved TVs, automations, Alexa, google home, voice-activated anything! the list goes on!

Don’t hesitate, look at the following list and research dad’s next gift. Topping the previous gift will be no challenge for you this year!

How about we look into watches? Watches can be fun and, let’s be honest. We are tired of dad’s old watch, as classic and gold and diamond as it is.

We can also help dad automize his life a little more. There are many products out there promising to make your life easier. Some are already proven to do so. Here are a few gadgets that can help.

We can even help dad take more advantage of the sun. There are a lot of new solar powered products. There are some super high-tech solar energy setups that are just wow!

There is one gift that can’t ever be topped. That is the gift of true and unconditional love. Before we spend bookoos of money on dad, which we want to do, we must take the time and attention to let dad know we love him. WE LOVE YOU DAD!

To my dad, I want to say. Thanks for loving me through so much tribulation. Thanks because you’ve shared so much good with me. All the knowledge handed down I will share with pride. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks

Happy father’s day to all the great dad’s out there! Peace be with you.

Also, help dad by finding him the right moving company. Tell him 1+MOVERS is a moving company that is going to take care of him, his things and his home. And, when you do feel confident that we will treat your dad like he was ours!

Wanna book his next move for him? In fact, click here and you can get him a moving certificate as well. NOW, THIS IS A FATHER’S DAY GIFT RIGHT HERE!

Need to sell a house for father’s day? Click Here!

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