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Memorial Day Moving Our Hearts

memorial day moving

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Memorial Day Moving

Memorial Day Moving

Memorial Day moving our hearts every day! Yes! It’s just true! In our hearts we are all being moved by the memories of those who served our country in the name of freedom. Those kind souls that gave their best (literally) with honor and pride, move our hearts on Memorial Day. To them, 1PlusMovers.com offers a salute in gratitude and recognition of their brave service! Grab your American Flag and let’s remember.

‘A Little History’

Did you know Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation? That’s right! How great is that? Quite an honor to be celebrated on such a day.

According to Wikipedia, Memorial Day was celebrated from 1868 to 1970 on May 30th. Nowadays, we want that extra weekend day so, we take the last Monday of May. It definitely gives more time to visit memorial landmarks, family, and travel.

Moving forward, Memorial Day day honors specifically the men and women who died while serving. It’s different than Veterans Day’s honoring all U.S. military veterans. It’s important to know the difference because a large group of veterans are alive and kicking hard for freedom!

American flags. It’s customary to put American flags on the graves of the soldiers. If you don’t have a beautiful American Flag, click this entire sentence…because you need one! And if you only have one, you need more! This link is sure to help you find the best American Flags to fit your needs!

Visits to cemeteries are most common. In military cemeteries, you will be delighted to gaze upon a sea of American flags. Also, there are many memorial landmarks that honor these brave men and women. There are events sure to be happening somewhere close to you on Memorial Day.

Celebrate Memorial Day with more intention! Click here and find awesome stuff to gear up for Memorial Day!

And one last thing! If this moving article has moved you to move (I can’t stop!, lol) contact, 1+MOVERS today!

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