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Image Of Flat Screen Wall Mounting By 1+Movers

Flatscreen Wall Mounting in TEXAS

1+ MOVERS’ Flatscreen Wall Mounting can be a convenient package addition to any of our moving service options!

If you need to use our Flatscreen Wall Mounting services separately then the following guidelines apply. We charge a one-time Service Fee and have hourly rates. Your one-time service fee covers the cost of gas and mileage, and our supplies. The supplies include the tools used to secure your screen and mount to the wall of your choice. We DO NOT provide the brackets or mounts. If you need such mounting equipment, please let us know so that we can provide you with the proper mount and add the cost to your final total.

The time for your move will begin when your crew arrives at your location. It will end when they have completed the job. There is no additional time added to your end for the drive from dispatch to you, or afterwards for the drive back to dispatch.*

*If the distance for your move is greater than 60 miles there may be an additional charge for gas and mileage.*
Contact us for more information.

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FlatScreen Wall Mounting Options


$99.99/one time
  • Add-On to Any Moving Package
  • Expert Moving Team
  • Tools & Supplies

3 Mounters

  • $49.99 One-Time Service Fee
  • $249.99 First 1.5 Hours
  • Expert Moving Team
  • Tools & Supplies

All FlatScreen Wall Mounting Packages Include

  • Expert Movers

    All of our service options include our excellent team members! They are experienced and ready to assist you with all of your relocation needs. It is our honor to serve our fellow Houstonians and provide an elite level of service in our industry.
    Please see our raving reviews for yourself! CLICK HERE!

  • Tools & Supplies

    Your moving team will come with a set of basic tools so that they can assist you with any disassembly and reassembly. The supplies included with all of our packages are the two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, moving pads and blankets, and shrink wrap.
    If you require additional supplies like boxes, tape, or packing paper, please let us know.


    If you require the mounting hardware for your screen, we can provide it to you. We need to know the size and model of the screen so we can provide the proper mount. The total cost will be added to your final total.

FlatScreen Wall Mounting Pricing Breakdown

  • One-Time Service Fee

    Your service fee will cover the cost of gas and mileage*, and the use of our moving tools and supplies.
    *If the distance between your locations is greater than 60 miles, there may be an additional charge.

  • 2 Hour Minimum

    We do not have a 3 or 4 hour minimum. Our only minimum is the initial 2 hours. See the rates listed above for the pricing of each service option.
    This will be charged as part of your moving deposit to confirm and book your appointment.

  • Moving Deposit

    To confirm and book your appointment, we take the service fee plus the initial 2 hour minimum as your moving deposit. On moving day, you will only be charged for any additional hours at your hourly rate, beginning after the initial 2 hours.
    If you book online you will be charged for the 2 Mounters Package. We will include the difference in price to your total on moving day. To BOOK ONLINE select your package above, or continue below to the calendar to select your moving date and time.

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