Labor Day Movers

Labor Day Movers

Labor Day Movers… we love our right to celebrate the hard work Americans have put into the growth and prosperity of our country. On this day, it is 1+MOVERS‘ honor to thank everyone who is in the workforce pushing hard to improve this great country. Thanks to you, the sovereignty of the United States of America remains and grows.

Movers on Labor Day

Who are these Labor Day Movers?

Well, Labor Day Movers are those people that work with passion and intensity to make a difference in the life of every citizen by raising the bar in each of their individual industries. The spirit of a Labor Day Mover was born when unionists in the 19th century felt the need to celebrate labor. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1984.

In the Spirit of Labor Day Movers!

Therefore, in the spirit of Labor Day Movers, is happy to work hard all year long to provide our loyal clients the exceptional service that puts us at the top of our industry and that earns 1+MOVERS the best clients out there.  We understand that moving people is a crucial part of the development of the community we serve and because of that, we have evolved into a company that offers a wide variety of home services. Our clients know we are FULLY INSURED.

Year-Round Services


And, the list keeps going. The most recent addition to our services is Make-Ready Services. Which includes and is not limited to: Painting, Landscaping, Repairs and Maintenance, Cleaning (Pre- Post- & Ongoing), and more!

Book your service with 24/7 online or on the phone at (832) 323-3279. That’s right! 1+MOVERS=EASY! (832)  323-EASY!

Deliveries Nassau Bay, Texas

Deliveries Nassau Bay, Texas

Deliveries & Moving Company

Deliveries Nassau Bay, Texas

Need a quick delivery in Nassau Bay Texas? Look no further. Your trusted moving team, 1+MOVERS, is ready to head your way!

Some people have a washer. Some have a washer and dryer. Either way, Deliveries Nassau Bay, Texas can offer a simple solution. Yes, the One Item Delivery option is somewhat flexible.

The flexibility came about from an increased interest in the service by clients in situations which called to have a more than one piece of furniture moved. Our delivery designated pickups are an easy, and fast way to get that one item moved pronto! Need to get your bed moved asap? We can do it!

Deliveries Services

We have the man power, the proper dollies, experience. Your professional deliveries and moving team! Deliveries Nassau Bay Texas? We do that!

You may find yourself with a last minute need to move a single item. Maybe, you just bought a bulky something from your someone on your Nextdoor app or on Facebook market. Perhaps, you just bought a piece of furniture at your local Rooms-To-Go. Whatever your situation, 1+MOVERS is here to be of service. Deliveries Nassau Bay Texas? We. Do. That.

That’s right! Your long time trusted moving team is your to-go deliveries crew! Therefore, you get the same friendly faces, professional service, and ease to book your service. You can call at: (832) 323-EASY!

Moving Company Nassau Bay, Texas

Moving Company Nassau Bay Texas

When looking for a moving company Nassau Bay Texas…you can’t pass up 1+MOVERS. crews are ready to come out and move anything you may need to be moved. You can book online at or call (832) 323-EASY!  So, when moving is the case 1+MOVERS can be there for:




You name it! We will move it for you!

The booking process is fast and painless. And, if booking online, it’s even easier! There is no need to stress when 1+MOVERS is on the case! Maybe, you like to hear a friendly voice? So, we are just a call away and ready to answer your questions.

Trust is of utmost importance when choosing moving companies. Therefore, it’s best to hire a team your community knows, trusts and has experienced their service. As a trusted team, 1+MOVERS is here to offer our services.

It’s no secret. offers way more than moving services! Deliveries, courier services, in-home rearranging and more!

Nassau Bay, Texas is a loving community. Full of life and with many activities to engage in, you will never run out of things to do. There is the Kemah Boardwalk with a large variety of restaurants and shops. The Armand Bayou Nature Center is a beautiful place to visit and find peace in nature. Galveston Island is just a few miles away. So, there is much for us to do in Nassau Bay, Texas to keep life fun and active. Therefore, don’t hesitate to visit us online at or call us directly at (832) 323-EASY! and experience royal service!

July Moving

July Moving!

Moving in July

Moving in July Moving in July is one of the hardest things you can do. The heat is on. Days get very busy. Kids are off school. Luckily, we have an experienced 1+MOVERS team to help you.

When you call 1+MOVERS or visit you can be sure the moving team helping you will be ready to tackle the difficult task of moving under the scorching heat of a raging Texas sun in a summer day. Therefore, stress has no place when you hire 1+MOVERS for the job. Fortunately, there are things that makes July a joyful month to work and take on the challenging heat.

moving in July

One of these things is, of course, Independence Day! So, let’s talk about this amazing day! Here is the what, when, where, why, who, and how!


Commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.


The legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain happened on July 2nd of 1776.  However, it was approved after the Second Continental Congress revised the final draft of the Declaration on July 4th.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The citizens of the Thirteen Colonies sought freedom from the “tyranny of Great Britain.”


The Committee of Five drafted the document; a group of five men. Thomas Jefferson was its main author. Also, included were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. Another key player is Richard Henry Lee.


The Lee Resolution presented during the Second Continental Congress on June 7 of 1776 called for independence from Great Britain and eventually (in a very short time) developed into the Declaration of Independence.

U! S! A!


Exercise your freedom to #move and BOOK TODAY ONLINE!

moving move movers

And, let’s not forget about 4th of July gear!!!! CHECK OUT THESE ITEMS!!

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Juneteenth: Freedom to MOVE!

Junteenth: Freedom to MOVE!

Junteenth reminds us we are free to move as we please! June 19 is an observance that helps us remember the enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation by Union Soldiers freeing all slaves in Texas. This happened June 19th 1865. Yep, It’s a great day for all of us to enjoy freedom and equal rights in the United States.

Today, 42 US States and D.C. officially celebrate this holiday. The Emancipation Proclamation came into effect on June 1st 1864. At the time, Texas was primarily controlled by the Confederate States, opposed to the Emancipation Proclamation.

Oh, and let’s not forget some gear to celebrate our right to be freeeeeee!

That’s right! Nothing says freedom like portable solar energy! Check!

Just no way you wont feel free usingone of these!

Happy Juneteenth everyone!

Moving Around Father’s Day


At 1+MOVERS, we find ourselves moving around Father’s Day to be an honor.

One of the most moving celebrations of the year. All those grown, bearded men crying like babies because they feel the intense, all-curing love that comes from the love of their family. Definitely gets them moving around Classic!

Its a super awesome day to be able to celebrate dad and let him know how much we love him and how great he has been. We have a chance to tell them we are thankful to have them in our lives. We feel so proud and blessed that this person cared so much about us.

To be a father…..aaaahhhh. TO BE! ….a father…..hmmm. Its suppose to be easy. Its suppose to come naturally. And it does! Right gentlemen? All those sleepless nights, moving around in bed. Worried about the presidential election affecting you business profit; down the line messing with you long-term/high yielding investment goals. Natural as hay, I’d say.

So, what is so great about father’s day?! I think one of the best things about father’s day is the shopping and gifting and watching dad smile as he opens up that gift. This year is exploding with new and awesome technology. Phones, watches, health and wellness, clothes, accessories, just a bunch of stuff.

Yes, let’s not forget to mention the new software developments around us. Virtual reality, curved TVs, automations, Alexa, google home, voice-activated anything! the list goes on!

Don’t hesitate, look at the following list and research dad’s next gift. Topping the previous gift will be no challenge for you this year!

How about we look into watches? Watches can be fun and, let’s be honest. We are tired of dad’s old watch, as classic and gold and diamond as it is.

We can also help dad automize his life a little more. There are many products out there promising to make your life easier. Some are already proven to do so. Here are a few gadgets that can help.

We can even help dad take more advantage of the sun. There are a lot of new solar powered products. There are some super high-tech solar energy setups that are just wow!

There is one gift that can’t ever be topped. That is the gift of true and unconditional love. Before we spend bookoos of money on dad, which we want to do, we must take the time and attention to let dad know we love him. WE LOVE YOU DAD!

To my dad, I want to say. Thanks for loving me through so much tribulation. Thanks because you’ve shared so much good with me. All the knowledge handed down I will share with pride. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks

Happy father’s day to all the great dad’s out there! Peace be with you.

Also, help dad by finding him the right moving company. Tell him 1+MOVERS is a moving company that is going to take care of him, his things and his home. And, when you do feel confident that we will treat your dad like he was ours!

Wanna book his next move for him? In fact, click here and you can get him a moving certificate as well. NOW, THIS IS A FATHER’S DAY GIFT RIGHT HERE!

Memorial Day Moving Our Hearts

Memorial Day is moving our hearts! Yes! It’s just true! In our hearts we are all being moved by the memories of those who served our country in the name of freedom. Those kind souls that gave their best (literally) with honor and pride, move our hearts on Memorial Day. To them, offers a salute in gratitude and recognition of their brave service! Grab your American Flag and let’s remember.

‘A Little History’

Did you know Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation? That’s right! How great is that? Quite an honor to be celebrated on such a day.

According to Wikipedia, Memorial Day was celebrated from 1868 to 1970 on May 30th. Nowadays, we want that extra weekend day so, we take the last Monday of May. It definitely gives more time to visit memorial landmarks, family, and travel.

Moving forward, Memorial Day day honors specifically the men and women who died while serving. It’s different than Veterans Day’s honoring all U.S. military veterans. It’s important to know the difference because a large group of veterans are alive and kicking hard for freedom!

American flags. It’s customary to put American flags on the graves of the soldiers. If you don’t have a beautiful American Flag, click this entire sentence…because you need one! And if you only have one, you need more! This link is sure to help you find the best American Flags to fit your needs!

Visits to cemeteries are most common. In military cemeteries, you will be delighted to gaze upon a sea of American flags. Also, there are many memorial landmarks that honor these brave men and women. There are events sure to be happening somewhere close to you on Memorial Day.

Celebrate Memorial Day with more intention! Click here and find awesome stuff to gear up for Memorial Day!

And one last thing! If this moving article has moved you to move (I can’t stop!, lol) contact, 1+MOVERS today!

1+ MOVERS on National Flag Day

Hiring movers on Flag Day?

The 1+ MOVERS Team is always looking for opportunities to show our American Pride. We feel it gives us a place in our community. Flag Day is all too perfect for the opportunity! Hence, here is a little history on Flag Day. So, order your American Flag gear today and read on! ….don’t forget to wear your American Flag socks!

Flag Day History

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It marks the day we adopted the flag of the United States. The Second Continental Congress brought it to resolution in 1777.

Furthermore, Flag Day becomes even more moving when you find out it’s also the day The United States Army also celebrates the U.S. Army Birthdays. Notice, this happened two years, before Flag Day became. In 1775, the consensus position was reached by Congress in the Committee of the Whole. Such a display of our brave country’s desire to grow and prosper!

Let’s recall, it was 1946 when an Act of Congress established National Flag Day. Also, the proclamation that officially established Flag Day on June 14, was issued by none other than President Woodrow Wilson back in 1916. Weeeewwww….long time ago!

So, did you know there is someone considered the “Godfather of Flag Day?” Yes, there is! In Washington, DC, Clyde Thomson is such person! Slow smoked meats and veggies are a tradition around there.

Find out more about Flag Day on Wikipedia, where we found these facts

Don’t forget to gear up for National Flag Day, here!


Emergency Move!

Emergency Move!

A Heroic Moving Story.

T`was the night before closing her home purchase on a 1st of July. It was the last of the month. She had six months to prepare for her move but; who knows where time went?!

The day was here. It was time to move. She had less than 24 hours to move out of their home into a new place. How were they going to manage to pack and move everything before closing date?

Luckily, she had heard about 1+MOVERS through several people. They were a good moving team. Without much hesitation she thought about calling 1+MOVERS and their heroic moving team but, it was late at night. Two a.m. to be exact…

The choice was simple. BOOK ONLINE!

And so she did! In three easy steps she was booked and ready to have the 1+MOVERS team arrive. …and arrive they did!

When booking online, she had a choice to add supplies. It was easy to specify how many boxes she need. She needed wrapping paper, foam padding, moving blankets, disassembly of furniture, and shrink wrap.

Also, she needed to stop by a storage facility to store some excess furniture. She was able to specify on her online booking form what address she needed to stop at before getting to their new home. But, she also wanted to drop off a few things at her mom’s house so, she was able to input that second stop in the online booking form.

Her plan was set!

The morning came along and the 1+MOVERS team was at her door step! The 1+MOVERS team started packing, disassembling and wrapping delicate furniture with blankets and shrink wrap. Before she knew it, everything was loaded and they where on their way to drop off.

First, the storage facility. It was a tiny storage. However, the movers managed to stack everything neatly and promptly.

Second, was the mom’s house. At mom’s house the movers had to move a couple of things around the garage, they had to bring a couple of things from inside the house to the garage, they had to move a few things inside the house, and finally, brought in a bedroom set which had to be unwrapped and reassembled.

Third and last, the movers arrived to the final location. Unloading was a breeze. Everything went into the proper bedroom. Everything that needed to be reassembled got reassembled. Boxes that needed unpacking were unpacked. The movers were very gentle with everything including the walls and floors of her new home.

This emergency move was a success!

Don’t hesitate! Whether emergency or not…