Memorial Day Moving Our Hearts

Memorial Day is moving our hearts! Yes! It’s just true! In our hearts we are all being moved by the memories of those who served our country in the name of freedom. Those kind souls that gave their best (literally) with honor and pride, move our hearts on Memorial Day. To them, offers a salute in gratitude and recognition of their brave service! Grab your American Flag and let’s remember.

‘A Little History’

Did you know Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation? That’s right! How great is that? Quite an honor to be celebrated on such a day.

According to Wikipedia, Memorial Day was celebrated from 1868 to 1970 on May 30th. Nowadays, we want that extra weekend day so, we take the last Monday of May. It definitely gives more time to visit memorial landmarks, family, and travel.

Moving forward, Memorial Day day honors specifically the men and women who died while serving. It’s different than Veterans Day’s honoring all U.S. military veterans. It’s important to know the difference because a large group of veterans are alive and kicking hard for freedom!

American flags. It’s customary to put American flags on the graves of the soldiers. If you don’t have a beautiful American Flag, click this entire sentence…because you need one! And if you only have one, you need more! This link is sure to help you find the best American Flags to fit your needs!

Visits to cemeteries are most common. In military cemeteries, you will be delighted to gaze upon a sea of American flags. Also, there are many memorial landmarks that honor these brave men and women. There are events sure to be happening somewhere close to you on Memorial Day.

Celebrate Memorial Day with more intention! Click here and find awesome stuff to gear up for Memorial Day!

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Emergency Move!

Emergency Move!

A Heroic Moving Story.

T`was the night before closing her home purchase on a 1st of July. It was the last of the month. She had six months to prepare for her move but; who knows where time went?!

The day was here. It was time to move. She had less than 24 hours to move out of their home into a new place. How were they going to manage to pack and move everything before closing date?

Luckily, she had heard about 1+MOVERS through several people. They were a good moving team. Without much hesitation she thought about calling 1+MOVERS and their heroic moving team but, it was late at night. Two a.m. to be exact…

The choice was simple. BOOK ONLINE!

And so she did! In three easy steps she was booked and ready to have the 1+MOVERS team arrive. …and arrive they did!

When booking online, she had a choice to add supplies. It was easy to specify how many boxes she need. She needed wrapping paper, foam padding, moving blankets, disassembly of furniture, and shrink wrap.

Also, she needed to stop by a storage facility to store some excess furniture. She was able to specify on her online booking form what address she needed to stop at before getting to their new home. But, she also wanted to drop off a few things at her mom’s house so, she was able to input that second stop in the online booking form.

Her plan was set!

The morning came along and the 1+MOVERS team was at her door step! The 1+MOVERS team started packing, disassembling and wrapping delicate furniture with blankets and shrink wrap. Before she knew it, everything was loaded and they where on their way to drop off.

First, the storage facility. It was a tiny storage. However, the movers managed to stack everything neatly and promptly.

Second, was the mom’s house. At mom’s house the movers had to move a couple of things around the garage, they had to bring a couple of things from inside the house to the garage, they had to move a few things inside the house, and finally, brought in a bedroom set which had to be unwrapped and reassembled.

Third and last, the movers arrived to the final location. Unloading was a breeze. Everything went into the proper bedroom. Everything that needed to be reassembled got reassembled. Boxes that needed unpacking were unpacked. The movers were very gentle with everything including the walls and floors of her new home.

This emergency move was a success!

Don’t hesitate! Whether emergency or not…



Packing Matters!


Pack all valuables yourself and keep them close or in a safe location. Unpack these items after all moving is complete.


Put delicate items in a box and pad before putting it in a bigger box. This double boxing method will vamp up safety!


Disassembling beds, tables, desks and anything needing disassembly, will cut down the time your moving time.

1+Courier Services

Your trusted 1+MOVERS Team also offers Courier Services

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1+MOVERS is a long time provider of courier services to Bay Area and the Clear Lake Area. Our team is proud to serve you in a variety of courier needs. We provide document and general office package delivery. We also provide medical, laboratory, and sensitive material delivery.

So, first of all, pick which kind of service best suites your needs!


Documents & General
Office Packages
Medical, Lab,
& Sensitive Material
  • 5 lbs  or less
  • >5 to <20lbs
  • >20 to <50lbs
  • >50 to <100lbs
  • Solid/Liquid
  • Thermosensitive
  • Photosensitive
  • Organs
  • Live Tissue/Samples
  • Cryo-Packs
Service Fee – $29.99 Service Fee – $39.99

1+MOVERS brings our elite standard and royal service to our courier service. As a result, we will handle all document and package delivery with the highest standard of care. Naturally, sensitive material deliveries will also be handled with even greater care. With add-ons like GPS tracking and live-video conferencing we make a safe delivery even more secure.

Please call us for pricing and details, and also to hear the latest offers.

Furthermore, your Service Fee may cover your entire cost.

(832) 323-3279
(832) 323-EASY!
courier service, courier services, document delivery, package delivery, sensitive material delivery

Otherwise, you can visit our page for more details.


Finally, if you are ready now you can book online!

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Would you like to open an account?

Also let us know your specific needs. We will work to build you a customized solution.

The New 1+MOVERS!



Nobody can turn their head away from….
The new and improved 1+MOVERS!

So, what’s the deal with this new 1+MOVERS improvement? 1+MOVERS is already the easiest to book your move with. Now, your favorite moving company, 1+MOVERS, has changed the way they connect to the world. Today, 1+MOVERS is proud to reach the world through their new blog channel.

Why a blog? is an elite moving service company dedicated to give the most superb service the moving industry can offer. At 1+MOVERS we understand our clients’ needs to get to know their movers, stay in touch with their movers, and have a place to discuss important topics, ask questions, and find answers.

What can you expect from the 1+MOVERS Blog? You can expect a wide variety of topics surrounding the moving industry, such as packing tips, real estate information, caring for your home, caring for your furniture, caring for your family, promotions, specials, events products and more!


For example, take these awesome tools that everyone should have at home. They will help you save your back, they will make the job much easier and faster. Also, they are cheap, easy to use, and just a few clicks away!!!


Stay tuned and get to know 1+MOVERS!
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