Moving History: Quarantine

MOVING in COVID19 quarantine
MOVING in COVID19 quarantine
MOVING in COVID19 quarantine

According to History

The practice of quarantine as we know it, began during the 14th century in an effort to protect coastal cities from plague epidemics.

Sitting At Anchor

Ships arriving in Venice from infected ports were required to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing. This practice, called quarantine, was derived from the Italian words quaranta giorni which mean 40 days.

MOVERS in COVID19 quarantine
MOVERS in COVID19 quarantine


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We understand our local economy and community. Therefore, we understand the inevitable need for moving and transporting services. During these times we vow to take the maximum precautions when performing our services. Together, we will prevail and prosper.

Today is to Love MOVING!

Morning Cuddles - Honey, you are great! MOVING
Morning Cuddles - Couldn_t do it without you! MOVERS
Morning Cuddles – Couldn’t do it without you! MOVERS

Today is to Love MOVING! …for us, because we move. But, for everyone else, you get to love what you want, who you want, when you want! Go you! And America! LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE!

Morning Cuddles - We chose right! MOVE
Morning Cuddles – We chose right! MOVE


It’s important to remind each other to exercise love and compassion, patience and calm. These days we need more love than ever.

Morning Cuddles - They were perfect! Nassau Bay TX Movers
Morning Cuddles – They were perfect! Nassau Bay TX Movers


We love moving, so naturally, call us for all you moving needs. We are here to work with you to take all precautions necessary for maximum safety.

Morning Cuddles - EASY! MOVING TEAM
Morning Cuddles – EASY! MOVING TEAM


We understand certain tasks must be performed to continue business and everyday life. Moving is one of those tasks…and LOVES! ALL! MOVING! TASKS!

Morning Cuddles - 832 323 EASY TRUSTED MOVERS
Morning Cuddles – 832 323 EASY TRUSTED MOVERS


1+MOVERS loves to serve. Reach in your most convenient way. Phone (832) 323-EASY! for calls and text! Visit us online for live chat and to book your move 24/7! Also, book on our Facebook Page 24/7!

Morning Cuddles -BOOK ONLINE
Morning Cuddles -BOOK ONLINE

YouTube, Baby!

Check out our short vids on youtube.


Movers To The Rescue

It’s always best to plan your move ahead of time! But, thats not always possible when you are living in a place like, Houston Texas – Nassau Bay, Texas. A grand place where business opportunities arise in a split second. Indeed, a paradise of success where life-wealth decisions must be made right then and there. In a place like this, is a breath of fresh air!

Your Local Expert Moving Crew, To The Rescue

You can request service many ways!


Text or Call: (832) 323-EASY!


On Facebook!

On Google!

Book your service any way you want! Your Local Expert Moving Crew, TO THE RESCUE!

Kind to Furniture

Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS LOVES!
Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS LOVES!

Kind to Furniture

Indeed, kind to furniture is one of 1+MOVERS’ mottoes. Being kind to furniture definitely means, “They booked 1+MOVERS!” Absolutely, one of our number one goals. Every piece you own is of value to you and we understand that. WE LIVE FOR IT!

Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS
Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS

No Joke Moving

We see things from your perspective. Being kind to your priceless items is not just a thing. Let’s face it, there is furniture and then there is YOUR FURNITURE. So, naturally, either way we have plenty of blankets to make sure every piece you desire covered gets covered. 

Super Special Moving

You have a super special piece? Let us know. We will bring our super awesome moving skills, the needed material and expertise. We will take super special care of what ever the piece needs. Your super special piece will get to its new home safe and sound.

Super Heavy Stuff Moving

Not a problem. Let us know! We’ll do what it takes. If we have to come and take a look at it, we will set at date and time. A video? Pictures? Send them to us, we can def work with it. If not, we let you know. Super heavy stuff moving is something else we live for. So, let’s talk about it.

Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS IS FAMILY!
Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS IS FAMILY!

Same Day Moving

It happens. Often, we have an oportunity to offer same day service. We love it. ITS WHAT WE LIVE FOR! Give us a call. We will take a quick look at our schedule for availability. Our number one goal is to be there for you when you need us. Don’t hesitate, try us now.

Social Media Moving

Yep. We are definitely moving BIG on social media. What is your favorite social media platform? Find us there. Make you sure you visit, follow, like, comment, and share! We like using social media to stay in touch with our local community and giving the public a chance to get to know us a little more.

Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS CARES
Kind to Furniture 1+MOVERS CARES

Therapeutic Massage After Moving Therapeutic Massage After Moving for ladies.

A therapeutic massage after moving is the best thing we recommend. Get one! It is definitely the best thing you can do! Hence, it is’s pleasure to let you know about iMassage.Pro. You will find it in Toucan Alley in Kemah, Texas. Practically on the Kemah Boardwalk! One of the coolest places in the world!

Book a Therapeutic Massage and #FeelBetter

Amie at iMassage.Pro agrees, “Book a therapeutic massage after moving and #FeelBetter!” Indeed, there is no better time to get a massage than before, during, and after you’ve been through the stress of moving. However, therapeutic massages are great at any moment. For example, Amie says if you experience muscle pain for more than 3 days, come see her! Also, she tells us that in some cases of chronic pain, therapeutic massage can eliminate all discomforts. So, visit Amie soon and #FeelBetter! Therapeutic Massage After Moving for men

Ask About BioMat

Amie at iMassage.Pro will tell you all about the benefits of BioMat. Biomat is healing technology that comes with supporting accessories to create deep relaxation. Also, ask about Alkal-Life Water Ionizer and Detoxi Ionized Salt. Yes, there is more to experience with Amie at iMassage.Pro. So, dont miss the chance to give her a call and set up a session now! iMassage.Pro delivers a massage that heals! A few clicks and you are on the road to healing bliss! Therapeutic Massage After Moving for women

Get Social with iMassage.Pro!

You can get social with iMassage.Pro on Facebook! The best way to stay up to date with our favorite therapeutic massage stop! Make sure you Follow, Like, Share and Comment. See you soon! Therapeutic Massage After Moving for the entire family

A Moving Thanksgiving

moving thanksgiving with 1+MOVERS

A moving thanksgiving approaches us all. With love and joy we will sing in the halls. Thankful for everyone here. From the youngest to the oldest. From the distant to the near.

Happy Moving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey and Moving

In peace and love, we wish everyone a moving thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone’s support and business. Above all, you make it possible for 1+MOVERS to offer our local community trusted moving services and more! Indeed, it is thanks to your likes, follows, and shares other families and businesses experience our quality services.

Keep Giving Your Best

1+MOVERS invites you to keep giving the best of you at every step. Also, understands every task we are given represents the opportunity to be thankful. Hence, every job we book with you is received with eternal gratitude. Go on, BOOK TODAY! And say hello on social media!


Moving in Cold Days

Moving in cold weather? is no stranger to extreme weather during a challenging move. So, yes. Moving in cold weather is just another day at work. Pleasant, even. Ok. Maybe that’s a little too far. Nonetheless, we do it often. We do it right. Our clients ❤ us for it!


Moving in Zero degrees is Zero Problem

MOVING IN COLD WEATHER? ZERO PROBLEM, INDEED. We know how unforgiving cold weather can be to your health. As seasoned professionals, your 1+MOVERS crew is always prepared to face the wrath mother nature can unleash upon us Texans. Yes, cold weather brings many challenges. Aside from the chapped lips, runny nose, and the achy, scratchy throat; a few specific challenges make moving particularly difficult and dangerous to your body, as much as your wallet.

What challenges represent increased risk during moving jobs? If it gets cold enough you may find yourself walking on ice. Ice on ramps, sidewalks, steps, and roads is a big concern during moving. However, have no worry. For your experienced 1+MOVERS team ice is ZERO PROBLEM!

Ice is not the only challenge to raise the bar of difficulty when moving in cold weather. Condensation is a big contender! Indeed, objects can get slippery. Reaching for a smooth-surfaced lamp may slip out of your hands from the condensation created from the warmth of your hand. Even with gloves on. The heavier and smoother the item, the more risk.


Moving We go the Distance

WE GO THE DISTANCE MOVING IN COLD WEATHER for our clients. Regardless, cold or hot weather. Extreme or not. Our clients’ full satisfaction is our main concern. Our community understands 1+MOVERS is here to give it our all on every task we take on. We are committed to moving with care. We understand the value of hard work. All the hard work you put into your home, your belongings, your assets, things you still owe on. We know how precious your things are. We will move them with care. For our clients, we go the distance.


moving move forward

MOVE FORWARD: THROUGH COLD WEATHER. Also, move right! Also, move easy! No worries, 1+MOVERS has your back! We will help you move forward and on to the next exciting chapter of your life. And are committed and have proved time and time again; we do it right! And, we make it easy. Yes, it’s easy to book from our website, with a phone call, text, live chat, email, and even from Facebook!

keep going. move moving.


KEEP GOING, we will! There will be days you will see your 1+MOVERS crew push their physical limits to accomplish a more than satisfactory move. In fact, we will keep going as we have done before, with your absolute fulfillment as our goal.

In sum, moving in cold weather is zero problem. We will go the distance for you. We will move forward and keep going until a perfectly executed job is completed. So, we invite you to book your move today. You can book on our website, call, text, live chat, and you can even book from Facebook. It will be our honor to be of service! See you soon!

1+MOVERS always moving. Move right. Movers you can trust.


You are Family!
moving families

You are family because to 1+MOVERS, there is no other way!

If we come to your home, office or wherever the job takes us, we consider you family. As a family, it is our duty and number one priority to move everything with the utmost care and attention. Indeed, these are the precious things our hard work and the grace of The Big One blesses our lives with. One of our favorite ways to show gratitude for the things we have is to care for them as we are here to care for ourselves and our environment.


The 1+MOVERS Family is excellence. In fact, we have faced many moving challenges throughout our journey. Moving families all around the Houston Texas area and surrounding communities has been a blessing to us. Today, our experience is your peace of mind. Our experience is your main investment.

Our family is local to the Clear Lake & Bay Area in Texas. We understand the difficulty of moving from the first and only home you have ever lived at. We know there are many elevated homes in our area. Kemah Texas, Seabrook Texas, Nassau Bay Texas, El Lago Texas, Taylor Lake Village Texas share this in common….. Therefore, It will take a strong, synergistic team to complete the difficult task your particular move may present.

Moving Family


Hence, it is our commitment to listen to your requests, your concerns, your needs. YOU ARE FAMILY. Committed to responding ASAP to your call. In addition, if you look closely at reviews of 1+MOVERS you will find we are ready to do all it takes to bring your family completely satisfying moving experiences!


You can book at our website! Also, you can call! Or Live Chat! Or email us! Whatever your moving needs are, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moving Family with Pets

Self-Improvement #Moves

Self-Improvement #Moves

Movers as a means to self-improvement

Did you know that September is the official ‘Self-Improvement #moves’ month in U.S.?! Ok! Enough of that!

The juicy part is in the fact that self-improvement #moves can be exercised all year!

Yep! There are many ways one can embark on a journey of self-improvement!

Self-improvement can be spiritual, intellectual, and physical.

spiritual, intellectual, and physical.

#moving to self-improvement

However, today, we are going to suggest self-improvement in the planning of your next move!

To begin with, choosing will save you all the trouble and risk that may come from lack of moving experience. The least important is the damage of a precious belonging. The most costly is a physical injury that could potentially accompany you the rest of your life…in the form of a back injury, a disc displacement in the neck, and the list is endless. is here to invite you to tackle self-improvement through your moving plan! And no better way to keep you on the road to universal self-improvement than by keeping healthy and ensuring the items you have invested so much of your effort in are #moved with the utmost care.

Go ahead! Book your next #move online or call 1+MOVERS @ (832) 323-3279!

And remember! 1+MOVERS=EASY! (832) 323-EASY!

#movers and Self-Improvement


Your Sweet Move!

Sweet Moving! Moving experts, moving help, movers near me, local moving company, moving services.

Mmmm… Dessert!

The sweet treat at the end of a meal. Everyone loves that reward at the end of a meal done right. Now imagine your entire move done right, and how delicious that will be!

Full-Service Moving

Booking with 1+MOVERS is the sweetest treat you can give yourself when you are preparing to move. It’s easy! You can call us now or book your Full Service Moving appointment online! And once you have a professional team on your side, you can rest easy too!

CLICK HERE to book your moving appointment!

Packing and Unpacking Services

Need help packing? Great! Just like adding confectionery toppings to create the perfect ice cream sunday, we offer even more than just moving services for your moving day. We also offer our Packing and Unpacking Services for before and after your move. Get your packing knocked out quicker than cake!

CLICK HERE to book our Packing or Unpacking Services!

Loading and Unloading Services

If you’ve got your own moving truck but you’re short on helping hands, we’ve got you covered like a chocolate fountain! We offer assistance with our Loading and Unloading Services. Our expert teams will also have tools, two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, moving blankets, and shrink wrap to prepare and protect all your belongings for the trip!

CLICK HERE to book our Loading and Unloading Services!

Moving can be as satisfying as unwrapping a delectable candy and just as easy!

In fact, our motto is 1+MOVERS = EASY!

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(832) 323-3279

Call us NOW! 


Book Online!

We look forward to helping you!

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