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Terms and Conditions

1+MOVERS is here to help you! That’s why with little time and much to plan, 1+MOVERS is at your service through your entire moving journey. The terms and conditions below are guidelines that will ensure your household goods and property are relocated efficiently and safely. Our number one priority is to deliver excellent service and full satisfaction of your needs and requests.

Moving Terms And Conditions

Moving Terms and Conditions

A successful move consists of an organized plan and a custom strategy fit for the needs of your particular moves’ requirements. Therefore, proper planning will reduce the pains and worries throughout your move and help lower the probability of surprise. Give yourself 90-120 days in which you plan and organize your move. You can also follow the guided plan that we have included below these terms and conditions. Remember, more organization = less worry. It is our recommendation you call your 1+MOVERS agent 30-60 days before your moving day.

1+MOVERS is always here to help. So, call us for any same-day moving needs and we will take care of you. All moving terms and conditions, and guideline details disclosed apply so we can offer the highest level of service and quality control. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Moving with Children

Moving Terms and Conditions

Yes, a move can be challenging for the little ones. It helps ease the transition and keep a low-stress level to include them in your plans. 

  1. Get them involved by packing a portion of their things to move.
  2. Talk to them about all the great opportunities moving brings.
  3. Get them to open up about any concerns.
  4. Remember this is a great time to strengthen family bonds.
  5. Highlight and build up all positive and favorable things in the new environment.

It is best to plan for children not to be home on moving day. Often this increases anxiety. Hence, it is much easier for them to spend that time with a friend or a family member, away from the moving scene. Also, this helps keep the work area safe and clear of extra bodies. A smooth transition into their new environment should help them adapt to the community rhythm with ease.

Moving Your Pets

Moving Terms and Conditions

Make prior arrangements to have a pet sitter while moving. Going to the veterinarian for anti-anxiety may be a good idea if they are not used to driving or have a difficult time with unfamiliar places. We love all pets but (if possible) ask your pets not be present for many reasons, including tripping hazards and other dangers. However, the main reason is your pets’ comfort and ease of transition. They deserve it,  for they give us so much love!

Moving Plants

Moving Terms and Conditions

Make arrangements for the moving of plants. Notice, due to laws and procedures we must follow we are unable to assume responsibility for damages during the moving of plants. It is best to move them prior to your moving days. Nonetheless, exceptions are made when you release responsibility.

Delicate and Extremely Heavy Items

Moving Terms and Conditions

If you have an item that is considered delicate, like an antique, let your booking agent know so we can asses whether the piece or pieces should be prepared prior to your moving day. If they require the extra wrapping, packing, or disassembly, it is best to prepare them beforehand.
Life is happening and 1PlusMovers.com knows all about it. So, if your plan changes and at the last moment there is a piece that is too delicate, of extreme weight, or in poor structural condition, your movers will do their best to take care of your needs.

Transferring/Establishing Utilities

Moving Terms and Conditions

Transferring your utilities is a must. If you are short on time there are online services that help you transfer all your utilities. Fortunately, these services help you save time and pay more attention to taking care of all the other endless things.

Stairs and Elevators

Moving Terms and Conditions

When stairs and elevators are involved it is best to keep your boxes at a reasonable weight. Remember, you are human and multiple boxes, up multiple steps, are challenging even to the best of athletes. Excessive weight becomes extra hazardous when stairs are involved. So, let your movers handle these items as they are professionals and experienced lifters. Don’t be mistaken. Even if you are the best performer at the gym, moving is a league of its own. 1+MOVERS has been practicing for a long time and are here to push the limits of human ability to get your things safe and sound to their new home and during transport. They know how to take care of your things and take special care of those special items.

Packing Materials Guide:

Moving Terms and Conditions

Proper packing is a key part of reducing damage. Therefore, there is a specific way to pack things for a successful move. For instance, when packing, label your boxes for proper placement at your new home and pad your boxed items accordingly. In addition, abstain from mixing items from different rooms. Keep your boxes’ contents according to a room.  This will raise efficiency overall.
Also, it is important to use proper box thickness and size according to weight and size of contents. This will prevent workflow interruptions and damage risk.
Accordingly, combine a balanced mix of items in your boxes as to not overload them. Heavy or unbalanced boxes may collapse during transport or during storage.
Moreover, it is important you label properly, such as ‘Fragile,’ ‘This Side Up,’ room label, attic, garage, etc… The more detailed, the better.
Furthermore, when booking your move with 1+MOVERS, rest assured they will be equipped with two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, shrink wrap, and padding blankets to protect your home goods during transport.
Above all, 1+MOVERS is here to help you with all your moving and packing needs. Also, in the event that you decide to pack yourself, feel free to use the following list to help you pack.

Want to buy your own materials and live in the Clear Lake, Texas area? Kathy at Uhaul off Highway 3 has excellent packing material for you. 

Packing Paper:

Use ink-free paper. Most importantly, use abundantly to protect and stay within safety range.

Specialty Boxes: Smaller in size.

Extra padded for delicate dishes and china. Requires items to be packed with extra wrap padding. 
Extra padded for electronics. These too, require items to be packed with extra wrap padding.
Extra padded for delicate crystal and decor. Indeed, requires items to be packed with extra wrap padding.

Small  Boxes: approx. 1.5 cu. ft.

Heavy books, CD’s, Video Games.
Canned food and other kitchenware that may make a load too heavy.
Individually pack and reinforce packing of any delicate item, such as:
Antiques, delicate finishes, high-value items and the like.

Medium Boxes: approx. 3 cu.ft.

Small appliances, lamps, electronics, pictures, decor.
Cereals and other dried boxed foods.
Bedding, clothing, toys.

Large Boxes: 4.5 cu. ft. – 6.5 cu. Ft.

Large comforters, Pillows,
Large toys, winter wear.
Other large, light-weight items.

Upright Boxes:

Tall Lamps,
Brooms, mops, vacuums.
Other tall items.

Wardrobe Boxes:

Delicate clothing.
Specialty clothing.
To keep your clothes on hangers.
Do not overload.

Mirror/Picture Boxes:

Telescopic and fit-to-size. Requires extra wrap padding or equivalent.

Mattress Boxes:

Help keep the mattress in form while in storage.
In addition, take extra care of your electronics, computers, speakers, and other gadgets. These always require special attention. Pre-bag and label all cords. To reduce moving time, do not leave this to your movers. These items require extra heavy duty boxing with extra corrugation and cushion. Label ‘Fragile Electronic.’
Furthermore, your TVs are of extra importance. Do not leave its disconnecting, unmounting, and packing to the day of your move, as this might be time-consuming.
If you do not have its original box make sure to assemble a fitted, well padded, extra cushioned, extra protection….You can’t be too careful.

Proper Boxing:

Do not overload your boxes. If boxes are going up the stairs, pay special attention to not overload these for your movers.

Moving Work Area

Your movers have direct instructions to never walk over your grass…unless there is no alternative, in which case we cannot make ourselves responsible for damages due to walking on the grass.
Make sure you disclose any dangers or risks in your property such as holes on the floor, slippery floors, or other things that may cause injury.
Clear walkways and hallways. Remove rugs and other items that present tripping hazards, and have the driveway as clear as possible.
Your movers are at your disposal. Anything you need, they can help with. Have a special request? Simply sign your ‘Additional Moving Notes Form’ to release responsibility.

Payment Schedule Details

You confirm and book your appointment by paying your Service Fee. Your Service Fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation. In the event that you need to reschedule your appointment date, call us as soon as possible to ensure we have availability. You will not be penalized for rescheduling if you give us 72 hours of notice. Your Service Fee will be transferred to the new appointment date.
Total payment is due prior to the last few items being unloaded.

Structurally Unsound Items

Your 1+MOVERS team is highly trained to move even the most delicate items. However, if your item is structurally unsound or damaged we cannot be held liable for damages. Rest assured, your moving team will do their best to transport these items safely. If you need to schedule another appointment, either prior to your moving date, or afterwards, we will be happy to accomodate your needs.

Extreme Weather Conditions

1+MOVERS is determined to help you stay on schedule on the day of your move. In the case of extreme weather, be assured your moving team will be as careful and efficient as allowed by weather.

Moving Checklist

…in Moving Terms and Conditions

2-3 Months Before Your Move:

  • Start by contacting your real estate agent if you are a homeowner
  • Figure out your move-out date.
  • Research your new area
    • Compare schools
    • Check community statistics
    • Get to know the local business services
  • Organize a house-searching day
  • Check what available moving reimbursements your employer or other organizations may offer.
  • Donating or garage selling what you don’t want or need is a great way to help you save on your move.

1 – 2 Months Before Your Move:

  • Contact 1+MOVERS to schedule an estimate. These can be in-person or a live video conference.
  • Find your new home and know closing/moving dates.
  • Create a list of everyone to be notified of your move.
  • Request a change of address at your post office.
  • Research laws in your new community to not be taken by surprise.
  • Inquire if you are eligible for tax deductions on your move.
  • Select a bank with a strategic location.
  • Organize all important records and documents.
  • Update your insurance on auto, home, and other policies.
  • Inform and update school changes and registrations.

3 Weeks Before Your Move:

  • Start packing. 1+MOVERS can help with packing services.
  • Gather personal records.
  • Make address changes on any and all mail and services that send you mail.
  • Start arranging sitters for children and pets.
  • Plan to disconnect your utilities at the old home the day after move-out.
  • Plan to connect your utilities at the new home the day before move-in.

2 Weeks Before You Move:

  • Try to have your refrigerator and freezer food transferred before move-out.
  • Time to clean house! 1+MOVERS can help with this too. Contact us for details.
  • Drain oil/gas from mowers and any tools to be moved.
  • Be sure to pack everything non-essential by this time.
  • Transfer your bank accounts and clear safety deposit box.
  • Find and transfer medication prescriptions to new pharmacy.
  • Time to cancel incoming mail, paper, monthly magazines, etc…
  • Transport beforehand or dispose of flammables, cleaners, paints, aerosols, munitions, and other combustible items.

The Week Before Your Move:

  • Time to confirm moving arrangements on all fronts.
  • Last call for refrigerator and freezer items to be cleared.
  • Make an ‘Essential Items’ suitcase or box. Put toothbrush, contacts, etc…
  • Pack everything else.

Moving Day:

You are fully packed and ready to be loaded! An operations team will contact you to confirm our arrival times and any extra details.
You or a designated person must be there the day of loading. Know that your household goods will be loaded and transported by a professionally trained team with expert techniques to care for your belongings and diminish the risk of damage while transporting.
1+MOVERS knows the importance of protecting your home. We offer the Clean-Pack add-on that is available upon request. This provides an extra level of protection. The Clean-Pack includes carpet and flooring covers and doorway protection.
1+MOVERS will shrinkwrap and pad upholstered furniture or any other delicate furniture. This prevents damage to these items during moving and transport.
You are welcome to create a checklist for your movers to use. The physical condition of items will be noted. Both you and your 1+MOVERS will sign the inventory list.
Loading your goods and strapping things down is what your 1+MOVERS team is great at! Once all is loaded, your moving team will let you know they are ready to drive out. If there are any additional details your 1+MOVERS team will discuss them with you.

  • Go over your paperwork with the driver.
  • Check inventory list.
  • Do a Final Walkthrough.

Delivery Day:

Some moving jobs require we deliver a different day. We recommend that you be present on the delivery day. Payment will be due at arrival, upon delivery. 1+MOVERS accepts cash and all major credit and debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.
If you made an inventory list, go over the items with your team as they unload. Once the unloading is complete, you will sign the inventory form. Be sure that you and your 1+MOVERS team leader do a final walk-through to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Once all is checked, your signature will finalize the completion of your move and confirm that all items arrived in safe condition.

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That’s right you can BOOK NOW! Online! 1+MOVERS is proud to be a full-service moving company. We offer both residential moving services and commercial moving solutions. Our expert movers and packers are trained to handle all items with the utmost care. Let 1+MOVERS show you what Royal Standard means!

Everyone knows life can get so busy you forget some of the most important things. Also, sometimes it’s just not easy to make an important decision in a split second. For this reason, 1+MOVERS is proud to offer online booking for your move, your make-ready needs and any other service we provide.

IT’S EASY! Just find your service and follow the prompts. You will be ready in our books in no time! You can expect a call, text message or email for confirmation.  Maybe your thing is texting. No problem! Whether you just prefer to text or its a necessity, we have no problem accommodating the texting method. Go on! Experience AWESOME!