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Image of 1+MOVERS Being Kind to Your Furniture

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Kind to Furniture

Indeed, kind to furniture is one of 1+MOVERS’ mottoes. Being kind to furniture definitely means, “They booked 1+MOVERS!” Absolutely, one of our number one goals. Every piece you own is of value to you and we understand that. WE LIVE FOR IT!


Image Of 1+Movers Being Kind To Your Furniture

No Joke Moving

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Super Special Moving

You have a super special piece? Let us know. We will bring our super awesome moving skills, the needed material and expertise. We will take super special care of what ever the piece needs. Your super special piece will get to its new home safe and sound. 

Super Heavy Stuff Moving

Not a problem. Let us know! We’ll do what it takes. If we have to come and take a look at it, we will set at date and time. A video? Pictures? Send them to us, we can def work with it. If not, we let you know. Super heavy stuff moving is something else we live for. So, let’s talk about it.


Same Day Moving

It happens. Often, we have an oportunity to offer same day service. We love it. ITS WHAT WE LIVE FOR! Give us a call. We will take a quick look at our schedule for availability. Our number one goal is to be there for you when you need us. Don’t hesitate, try us now.

Social Media Moving

Yep. We are definitely moving BIG on social media. What is your favorite social media platform? Find us there. Make you sure you visit, follow, like, comment, and share! We like using social media to stay in touch with our local community and giving the public a chance to get to know us a little more.


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