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Emergency Movers!

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Emergency Movers

Emergency Movers

...a heroic emergency movers story.

Needing emergency movers?

T`was the night before closing her home purchase on a 1st of July. It was the last of the month. She had six months to prepare for her move but; who knows where time went?!

The day was here. It was time to move. She had less than 24 hours to move out of their home into a new place. How were they going to manage to pack and move everything before closing date?

Luckily, she had heard about 1+MOVERS through several people. They were a good moving team. Without much hesitation she thought about calling 1+MOVERS and their heroic moving team but, it was late at night. Two a.m. to be exact…

The choice was simple. BOOK ONLINE!

And so she did! In three easy steps she was booked and ready to have the 1+MOVERS team arrive. …and arrive they did!

When booking online, she had a choice to add supplies. It was easy to specify how many boxes she need. She needed wrapping paper, foam padding, moving blankets, disassembly of furniture, and shrink wrap.

Also, she needed to stop by a storage facility to store some excess furniture. She was able to specify on her online booking form what address she needed to stop at before getting to their new home. But, she also wanted to drop off a few things at her mom’s house so, she was able to input that second stop in the online booking form.

Her plan was set!

The morning came along and the 1+MOVERS team was at her door step! The 1+MOVERS team started packing, disassembling and wrapping delicate furniture with blankets and shrink wrap. Before she knew it, everything was loaded and they where on their way to drop off.

First, the storage facility. It was a tiny storage. However, the movers managed to stack everything neatly and promptly.

Second, was the mom’s house. At mom’s house the movers had to move a couple of things around the garage, they had to bring a couple of things from inside the house to the garage, they had to move a few things inside the house, and finally, brought in a bedroom set which had to be unwrapped and reassembled.

Third and last, the movers arrived to the final location. Unloading was a breeze. Everything went into the proper bedroom. Everything that needed to be reassembled got reassembled. Boxes that needed unpacking were unpacked. The movers were very gentle with everything including the walls and floors of her new home.

This emergency move was a success!

Don’t hesitate! Whether emergency or not…



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