The Sun Shine That Moves You…

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1+MOVERS you are family moving Baby Foot
you are family baby foot moving

The Sun Shine That Moves You…is the same sun shine that moves us. It moves us to serve you, your family and our community with what we have been given. We all have skills and talents and we want to thank you for letting us exercise our skill and talent to move. With 1+MOVERS, your belongings are safe.

Sun Shine On Us All

Abundance of love to you and yours! Love fill your homes and hearts. Our family of businesses is here for you! Your best interests, your growth, your success are our priority.

Movers Near You, We are family owned and insured


We invite you to visit, explore and meet our family of businesses. Our varied services are here to help you grow and succeed.

you are family walking moving
you are family walking moving


Invest in Real Estate with LuxDominor. LuxDominor is always looking to buy residential and commercial properties. LuxDominor loves meeting new people. Individuals and groups interested in real estate are urged to make contact in effort to expand our network.

SkyShot Productions

Digital Graphics and Media Design. You name it. They make it! Visit our site and find us on social media.

Don’t Forget! You Are My Sun Shine!

The entire world. The U.S.A. Texas! HOUSTON! LOVE YOU ALL! We love you mom and dad! We know you love us too!

Piano Movers

Piano Movers? We do that! Hesitate not, your crew is ready to serve!

Piano Movers in Houston Texas, Clear Lake Texas, Taylor Lake Village Texas
Movers in Houston TX, Clear Lake TX, Nassau Bay TX and surrounding communities.

We know its not just a #PIANO! It’s a portal to greatness!

Yes, 1+MOVERS #moves pianos. #Moving pianos is like one of our favorite things to #move. They are so awesome! True portals of creativity and delight.

Piano Movers in Houston Texas, Clear Lake Texas, Seabrook TX, Taylor Lake Village TX, El Lago TX
Movers in Houston TX, Seabrook TX, Taylor Lake Village TX, El Lago TX

Music lovers! We want to hear from you when its time to move your “portal.” You can book your 1+MOVERS piano movers 24/7 online!

Are you moving your piano around the house? Do you need it moved to a new location? Whatever the situation, your movers are ready to wrap that baby up and make sure it’s moved with care!

Wherever you need your piano moved, we are here for you Houston Texas!

Piano movers in Seabrook TX, Taylor Lake Village TX, El Lago TX, League City TX, Webster TX
Movers in South Shore TX, League City TX, Webster TX

Yep! Its a joy for us to be of service with those difficult tasks. As experienced movers in your area we love to be here for all possible task other than the usual moving stuff.

In fact, 1+MOVERS has a few other services our local community loves to use. Concierge services are always at the top of the favorites list.

Concierge Services consist on anything from:

  • walking pets
  • feeding pets
  • checking doors are locked
  • errands of a large variety
  • you name it, we do it!

So, keep us in mind when an unexpected life situation chooses to surprise you or make us part of your routine scheduled errands.