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1+MOVERS is a moving company local to Clear Lake! Bay Area, League City, Webster, Kemah, SeaBrook, Friendswood, Pearland  + more! We are constantly working hard to bring our elite services to you. In effect, We take every opportunity to implement innovative technology. So, you can count on us doing the best we can to help make your life as easy as possible. We are excited to announce our live video quotes are now even easier to use. CLICK HERE to learn more about scheduling your video quote!

1+MOVERS Live Video Chats1+MOVERS Live Video Chats


1+MOVERS is not affiliated with these vid-chat providers. You can offer any form of video chat. And we will coordinate to fit your specific needs. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on social media! Visit and Like our Pages!


GPS Tracking?! Ask about GPS Tracking implementation. You can see exactly what route your movers went. 1+MOVERS = Innovative technology.


With e-forms you are connected to your dispatcher in real-time. Therefore, you get complete support from your moving team as your moves advances. E-forms let us know how your move starts, how your move progresses and how it comes to completion. You are not alone! 1+MOVERS = Innovative technology.


Is there something you would like to see implemented? A new technology you may like to see and experience from 1+MOVERS? Lets us know. Our doors are always open to new ways of giving better service.


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