Disclaimers help make business agreements nice and clear!

1+MOVERS  is dedicated to doing business with transparency and communicating with clarity to reach our goal of building lasting business relationships in our community and assure superb moving services. By booking your appointment with 1+MOVERS you agree to the 1+MOVERS disclaimers.

1+MOVERS Disclaimers

1+MOVERS is always here to help. So, call us for any same-day moving needs and we will take care of you. All terms, conditions, and guideline details disclosed apply so we can offer the highest level of service and quality control. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Moving Plants

1+MOVERS on Moving Plants

Make arrangements for the moving of plants. Notice, due to laws and procedures we must follow; It is best to move them prior to your moving days. We are unable to assume responsibility for damages during the moving of plants.  Nonetheless, exceptions are made when you release responsibility.

Delicate and Extremely Heavy Items of Value

If you have an item that is considered delicate, like an antique, let your booking agent know so we can asses whether the piece or pieces should be prepared prior to your moving day. If they require the extra wrapping, packing, or disassembly, it is best to prepare them beforehand.

Life is happening and 1PlusMovers.com knows all about it. So, if your plan changes and at the last moment there is a piece that is too delicate, of extreme weight, or in poor structural condition, your movers will do their best to take care of your needs.

In case of Force Major, if you need to move a valuable piece of extreme delicacy or extreme weight and you would like your movers to proceed with moving it, 1+MOVERS is automatically not liable for any resulting damages to building structures or said piece itself by default.

Stairs and Elevators

1+MOVERS Stairs and Elevators

Excessive weight becomes extra hazardous when stairs are involved. So, let your movers handle these items as they are professionals and experienced lifters. Don’t be mistaken. Even if you are the best performer at the gym, moving is a league of its own. 1+MOVERS has been practicing for a long time and are here to push the limits of human ability to get your things safe and sound to their new home and during transport. They know how to take care of your things and take special care of those special items. 

1+MOVERS is not responsible for excessive wait for elevators, out-of-service elevators, tight stairways, narrow stairways, and/or darkly lit areas that slow down your moving team.

When stairs and elevators are involved it is best to keep your boxes at a reasonable weight. 


Mattress bags or protective boxes are not included in your service fee but, can be added to your order and supplied by your 1+MOVERS team if you request at the price established on the day of booking your appointment. 1+MOVERS is not responsible for mattress damages caused by poor or no packaging.

Proper Boxing:

Do not overload your boxes. If boxes are going upstairs pay special attention to not overload these for your movers. 1+MOVERS is not responsible for damaged items due to overloaded boxes, due to improper packing, labeling and not inventoried.

Moving Work Area

Your movers have direct instructions to never walk over your grass…unless there is no alternative, in which case we cannot make ourselves responsible for damages due to walking on the grass.

Make sure you disclose any dangers or risks in your property such as holes on the floor, slippery floors, or other things that may cause injury.

Clear walkways and hallways. Remove rugs and other items that present tripping hazards, and have the driveway as clear as possible.

Your movers are at your disposal. Anything you need, they can help with. Have a special request? Simply sign your ‘Additional Moving Notes Form’ to release responsibility.

Payment Schedule Details

You confirm and book your appointment by paying your Service Fee. Your Service Fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation. In the event that you need to reschedule your appointment date, call us as soon as possible to ensure we have availability. You will not be penalized for rescheduling if you give us 72 hours of notice. Your Service Fee will be transferred to the new appointment date.

Total payment is due prior to the last few items being unloaded.

Structurally Unsound Items

Your 1+MOVERS team is highly trained to move even the most delicate items. However, if your item is structurally unsound or damaged we cannot be held liable for damages. Rest assured, your moving team will do their best to transport these items safely. If you need to schedule another appointment, either prior to your moving date, or afterwards, we will be happy to accomodate your needs.

Extreme Weather Conditions

1+MOVERS is determined to help you stay on schedule on the day of your move. In the case of extreme weather, be assured your moving team will be as careful and efficient as allowed by weather.

1+MOVERS Moving Time

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