Spring #Moving

Spring #Moving is upon us! Hence, time to roll your sleeves and put on that headband is here!

Worry not! Spring #Moving may be here but, 1PlusMovers.com is on your side! No matter how difficult your spring #moving may threaten to be, a 1PlusMovers.com crew is ready to spring to action!

Spring #Moving

1PlusMovers.com is ready.

If your spring #moving requires full moving services, 1PlusMovers.com is ready with dollies, padding blankets, shrink wrap and a truck you can stuff to capacity! Click here to learn more about full moving services.

Maybe your spring #moving is more about, In-Home Rearranging, moving furniture around the house. Perhaps, you want to switch you office to that guest bedroom or turn that guest bedroom into a man cave or a crafts room! You guys talk it out! Click here to learn more about In-Home Rearranging.

It’s likely your spring#moving only entails some help packing or unpacking for a long distance move or to put some things in storage. If so, a 1PlusMovers.com crew is ready to come over with boxes, tape, padding paper, foam, and peanuts! Click here to learn more about Packing and Unpacking Services.

More Than Just Moving.

#moving #painting #cleaning, #landscaping

However, what if your spring #moving requirements ask for more than just moving? Could your home need some painting? Do your new or previous property need landscaping attention? Do you need cleaning after or before your move-in day? 1PlusMovers.com is here be of service!

All these add-on services are available to everyone pre or post move! That’s right! Your trusted moving team is here to help you with a wide variety of services. And it doesn’t stop with painting, cleaning, and landscaping. You can also call 1PlusMovers.com for any concierge services you may need.

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1+Courier Services

Your trusted 1+MOVERS Team also offers Courier Services

courier service, courier services, document delivery, package delivery, sensitive material delivery

1+MOVERS is a long time provider of courier services to Bay Area and the Clear Lake Area. Our team is proud to serve you in a variety of courier needs. We provide document and general office package delivery. We also provide medical, laboratory, and sensitive material delivery.

So, first of all, pick which kind of service best suites your needs!


Documents & General
Office Packages
Medical, Lab,
& Sensitive Material
  • 5 lbs ¬†or less
  • >5 to <20lbs
  • >20 to <50lbs
  • >50 to <100lbs
  • Solid/Liquid
  • Thermosensitive
  • Photosensitive
  • Organs
  • Live Tissue/Samples
  • Cryo-Packs
Service Fee – $29.99Service Fee – $39.99

1+MOVERS brings our elite standard and royal service to our courier service. As a result, we will handle all document and package delivery with the highest standard of care. Naturally, sensitive material deliveries will also be handled with even greater care. With add-ons like GPS tracking and live-video conferencing we make a safe delivery even more secure.

Please call us for pricing and details, and also to hear the latest offers.

Furthermore, your Service Fee may cover your entire cost.

(832) 323-3279
(832) 323-EASY!
courier service, courier services, document delivery, package delivery, sensitive material delivery

Otherwise, you can visit our page for more details.


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courier service, courier services, document delivery, package delivery, sensitive material delivery


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