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D-Day Moving

D-Day Moving! Many things can happen on D-Day. In fact, history teaches us. Let’s look into D-Day and learn a little about the unexpected and how the brave overcome it!

D-Day, also known by its codename Operation Neptune, took place on Tuesday, June 6, 1944, during World War II. Hence, this operation laid the foundation of the Allied triumph on the Western Front.

Furthermore, operation planning began in 1943. Operation Bodyguard, a military deception tactic meant to confuse the Germans. However, Bad weather postponed Operation Neptune 24 hours. On this first day, the Allies were unable to reach many of their goals. Nonetheless, the Allies eventually overpowered the Germans. Casualties were close to 20,000 with both sides combined.

Today, we salute the great men and women that fought on this day.

God bless America!


Therefore, It is 1+MOVERS’ honor to be in this great country! Thanks to these brave souls on this courageous day, we have the freedom to move you wherever you’d like.
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See you on M-Day! ( aka Moving Day! 😁 👌 ) That’s right! We want you to choose one plus mover for your D-Day Moving! 1PlusMovers.com is here to help you with your entire moving process. Furthermore, your 1+MOVERS crew is always just a click away. In fact, you can book your move online 24/7. If you would rather call us we would be happy to take all your details and start planning your move.

In addition, keep in mind that just like in D-Day, D-Day Moving can present unexpected obstacles. Also, like the troops on D-Day and the continuation of World War II, your D-Day Moving crew will make sure to win the battle with 100% success! We are proud to be of service to our community and can’t wait to hear from you!

Spring #Moving

Spring #Moving is upon us! Hence, time to roll your sleeves and put on that headband is here!

Worry not! Spring #Moving may be here but, 1PlusMovers.com is on your side! No matter how difficult your spring #moving may threaten to be, a 1PlusMovers.com crew is ready to spring to action!

Spring #Moving

1PlusMovers.com is ready.

If your spring #moving requires full moving services, 1PlusMovers.com is ready with dollies, padding blankets, shrink wrap and a truck you can stuff to capacity! Click here to learn more about full moving services.

Maybe your spring #moving is more about, In-Home Rearranging, moving furniture around the house. Perhaps, you want to switch you office to that guest bedroom or turn that guest bedroom into a man cave or a crafts room! You guys talk it out! Click here to learn more about In-Home Rearranging.

It’s likely your spring#moving only entails some help packing or unpacking for a long distance move or to put some things in storage. If so, a 1PlusMovers.com crew is ready to come over with boxes, tape, padding paper, foam, and peanuts! Click here to learn more about Packing and Unpacking Services.

More Than Just Moving.

#moving #painting #cleaning, #landscaping

However, what if your spring #moving requirements ask for more than just moving? Could your home need some painting? Do your new or previous property need landscaping attention? Do you need cleaning after or before your move-in day? 1PlusMovers.com is here be of service!

All these add-on services are available to everyone pre or post move! That’s right! Your trusted moving team is here to help you with a wide variety of services. And it doesn’t stop with painting, cleaning, and landscaping. You can also call 1PlusMovers.com for any concierge services you may need.

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July Moving

July Moving!

Moving in July

Moving in July Moving in July is one of the hardest things you can do. The heat is on. Days get very busy. Kids are off school. Luckily, we have an experienced 1+MOVERS team to help you.

When you call 1+MOVERS or visit 1PlusMovers.com you can be sure the moving team helping you will be ready to tackle the difficult task of moving under the scorching heat of a raging Texas sun in a summer day. Therefore, stress has no place when you hire 1+MOVERS for the job. Fortunately, there are things that makes July a joyful month to work and take on the challenging heat.

moving in July

One of these things is, of course, Independence Day! So, let’s talk about this amazing day! Here is the what, when, where, why, who, and how!


Commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.


The legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain happened on July 2nd of 1776.  However, it was approved after the Second Continental Congress revised the final draft of the Declaration on July 4th.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The citizens of the Thirteen Colonies sought freedom from the “tyranny of Great Britain.”


The Committee of Five drafted the document; a group of five men. Thomas Jefferson was its main author. Also, included were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. Another key player is Richard Henry Lee.


The Lee Resolution presented during the Second Continental Congress on June 7 of 1776 called for independence from Great Britain and eventually (in a very short time) developed into the Declaration of Independence.

U! S! A!


Exercise your freedom to #move and BOOK TODAY ONLINE!

moving move movers

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